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Hello and welcome to my web site! Here you will find a listing of my books, a synopsis of each, and reviews which should aid you in selecting which you will want to read first! Also you will notice there are direct links to the sites where you can actually part with some of your hard-earned money to buy any or all of them! You can also learn more than you probably want to know about me, but there it is!

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Cover art by noted marine artist Paul Garnett

The 1812 Trilogy:
A Press of Canvas
A Fine Tops'l Breeze
The Evening Gun

Oliver Baldwin Series:
The Greater the Honor
In Pursuit of Glory

Edward Ballantyne Series:
When Fortune Frowns
Gun Bay

“...our flag was still there”

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My new book Gun Bay - An Edward Ballantyne Novel
is now available! Gun Bay tells the story, in the voice of Lieutenant Edward Ballantyne, of his arrival in Port Royal, Jamaica, having sailed from England following the court martial of the Bounty mutineers. Hurricanes and difficult shipmates, duels and civilian ship masters make life interesting. We learn how a formerly French frigate became HMS Convert and a unit of the Royal Navy, suffer with Edward through the trials and tribulations of manning the ship in Port Royal and be ready in time to lead the convoy to its disastrous ending on Grand Cayman.
Order it today on We are sure you will enjoy it!

Upcoming Speaking Engagements & Book Signings:

Watch this site for news of the War of 1812 Bicentennial events. It will continue into 2015, ending with a re-enactment of the Battle of New Orleans in January of that year. We will post events of general interest in this space.